Entry #1

Gettin caught up

2014-03-28 00:23:25 by xcolours

Playing Catchup on uploading art to NG. I hope yall like them.

**ok im Pretty much done with uploading my old works,unless i come across 1 i didnt think of. I didnt do all of them since i only wanted some of my best on here. If you wanna see some of my stuff i didnt upload here it is on my Deviant art page.**

***Thanks ornery for scouting me, means alot***


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2014-03-28 02:26:52

Why the hell are you not scouted? :o

(Updated ) xcolours responds:

hi, umm i just started the whole Newgrounds thing, been a long time user but never had an account, so forgive my ignorance but... what does scouted mean? oh and thanks for your comments on my pictures, they really mean alot. :D


2014-03-28 08:17:09

"Scouting" means that your art will be published in the art portal so more people can see your art! ^^

xcolours responds:

ah, i was wondering why my stuff wasnt showing up on the newest art section lol, thanks ^-^


2014-03-28 16:23:20

Ohh i forgot to ask you: do you draw your art pics by hand or on a computer? :)

xcolours responds:

right now i do stuff by hand with ol fashion pencil and paper xD
i have some stuff on my Deviantart page thats digital but that was before my tablet broke.


2014-03-28 19:14:55

Damn you're talented! ─‿‿─

xcolours responds:

lol thank you, but i still have a looooooong way to go to get to where i want to be :P


2014-04-02 00:39:21

Congrats on being scouted dude you deserve it!! ^^

xcolours responds:

thank you :D