Pico Day and Jazza contest

2014-04-10 18:33:48 by xcolours

Got my sketch done for it Picoday, i uploaded it to My deviantart account if your interested...Reapr38.deviantart.com. Its just the original sketch, im taking it into SAI and gonna try coloring it with my mouse...hope it turns out. ill post the sketch version here after the contest is over for those that dont wanna go on my DA




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2014-04-10 18:44:03

That's a lot of linework. Good luck coloring... ugh, mouse.

xcolours responds:

rofl i know right XD... and ya i hate using my mouse to color but its all i got for now. i still have till the 26th so maybe ill get a cheap tablet by then :P


2014-04-10 18:54:31

Woahhh.. that's just amazing i can't wait for you to color it! :D

xcolours responds:

thanks, im looking forward to seeing it done myself xD


2014-05-24 15:47:36

I've bought my drawingtablet for around 20 euros, and it's quite a reasonable drawingtablet. Still, I wouldn't know if there are any shops like the one I went to near the place you live, and it was a special offer. Anyway, that's quite a nice drawing, also the coloured version ;).

xcolours responds:

Thank you, The cheapest i found was around $35 USD which isn't to bad if i had some money to spare. Im actually starting college in the next month or so and they're sending me a wacom tablet after 4 months. ima just wait till i get that 1 xD