Computer Wiped

2014-06-05 13:49:34 by xcolours

Had some pc problems and as a last resort had to factory restore my pc so i lost a few things i didnt upload yet along with everything else on my pc..... but atleast its working better than it has in the past year :P  Couldnt even get it to work enough to back up my few important things that i had on my hardrive.

anyways, been doing alot of pose studdies latley instead of finished drawings to get better at anatomy and drawing poses. I might post some of them when i get the chance :)


*edit* DIdnt want to make a new post, im lazy lol. I just found out i won Jazza's COTM for april. It really means alot to know it was good enough to place, let alone win in a competition. Thank you very much Jazza, i look forward to the next 1.


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