2014-06-20 00:01:12 by xcolours

Finally got the ball rolling for college after 2 years lol. Anyways just wanted to upadate yall just in case yall dont see any artwork regularly. Im going to be going in July for the Bachelor program for Animation at Full Sail University. I have to do a portait (which i just finished) and a still life drawing so they know how good i am at drawing. Ill upload them here when i get them done and get a chance scan them into my computer.


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2014-06-20 04:22:38

Have a great time at the Full Sail University.

xcolours responds:

Lol thank you, ima try to make the best of it :)


2014-09-16 23:54:15

Hope all is going well! Would like to see any new animations, it's an art in itself!

xcolours responds:

Lol, Ya it's going pretty good so far. I haven't got to the actual classes in animation its self, gotta get my pre-recs out of the way. Maybe in a few months or so I'll have one done, but as of right now I'm still learning the programs and such in my spare time.


2014-09-19 01:46:15

New art?

xcolours responds:

lol none right now. Its crazy how busy I've been since I started. I have been workin on a 3D model though in what spare time i have. Ill post it when I'm done with it.