2017-07-07 04:15:16 by xcolours

Man its been a while since I updated this. Graduated valedictorian and now working for an indie game studio as a character artist. I cant give to many details because of NDA and all but hopefully I'll pe posting my work after we ship the title we're working on.


2014-06-20 00:01:12 by xcolours

Finally got the ball rolling for college after 2 years lol. Anyways just wanted to upadate yall just in case yall dont see any artwork regularly. Im going to be going in July for the Bachelor program for Animation at Full Sail University. I have to do a portait (which i just finished) and a still life drawing so they know how good i am at drawing. Ill upload them here when i get them done and get a chance scan them into my computer.

Computer Wiped

2014-06-05 13:49:34 by xcolours

Had some pc problems and as a last resort had to factory restore my pc so i lost a few things i didnt upload yet along with everything else on my pc..... but atleast its working better than it has in the past year :P  Couldnt even get it to work enough to back up my few important things that i had on my hardrive.

anyways, been doing alot of pose studdies latley instead of finished drawings to get better at anatomy and drawing poses. I might post some of them when i get the chance :)


*edit* DIdnt want to make a new post, im lazy lol. I just found out i won Jazza's COTM for april. It really means alot to know it was good enough to place, let alone win in a competition. Thank you very much Jazza, i look forward to the next 1.

Pico Day and Jazza contest

2014-04-10 18:33:48 by xcolours

Got my sketch done for it Picoday, i uploaded it to My deviantart account if your interested...Reapr38.deviantart.com. Its just the original sketch, im taking it into SAI and gonna try coloring it with my mouse...hope it turns out. ill post the sketch version here after the contest is over for those that dont wanna go on my DA



Gettin caught up

2014-03-28 00:23:25 by xcolours

Playing Catchup on uploading art to NG. I hope yall like them.

**ok im Pretty much done with uploading my old works,unless i come across 1 i didnt think of. I didnt do all of them since i only wanted some of my best on here. If you wanna see some of my stuff i didnt upload here it is on my Deviant art page.**

***Thanks ornery for scouting me, means alot***